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COACH System
Information & Support
for the Veterinarian at the EU BIP

(Based on updated import & transit conditions
within 24 h after publication in the OJ)
COACH provides the following functions   (Online) Registration of Import & Transit Consignments (Products & live animals)
Provision of relevant import or transit certificate    
Auto validation of consignment details    

a) versus list of approved Countries or Regions of origin
b) versus list of approved Establishments
c) versus list of Countries approved for residues
d) versus specific conditions at Destination
e) versus rejected Consignments  


Recording of final veterinary decision on consignment
Electronic Forwarding of consignment information to other BIPs or Inland Veterinary Offices, if necessary
Printing the relevant BIP certificates (CVED)
automatically Fee calculation
Technology of COACH   - Written in Java
- Application Runs also on Linux, Unix or Apple OS
- Application could run without internet access
- Automatically updating system (live update)